Monday, September 13, 2010

Steam lll The Hunt Continues ...........................

Steam lll The Hunt Continues ..........
Steam The Hunt Continues Folks Going Strong .. 140 Vendors .. Almost 2000 active Hunters !
All in All Breezy is quite Impressed .. Slow Going for her alas she is up to 100 ..
Breezy will not give names and locations at this time only because
after doing 100 stops of hunt ... Breezy thinks all should *grins*
Please Note
Breezy won't complain too much about the Mall Stops or the Non Steam punk genre
in any shape or form.. ((at all )) stops ..
but here is a quote give one an idea .. how it goes ....
Breezy : ahh this is a tad More Steam punk Looking
Nameless True Steam punk Person: Ah Yes Love the Steam punk Mayan Ruins ..
heh :)
The Top Hat *grins* The Outfit and Telescope all found on THE STEAM lll Hunt going on Now !!
Tick Tock Yep The Clock found on The Hunt ...
This awesome Build ((Yes its a whole Build )) Found on the Hunt !

So a Deal is a Deal I voted for YOU .. Give me another Clue ........ looks around .. proceeds to... *Shake* The cute Squirrel
Ride this smooth Ride and Then Find the Cog and YOU win The whole System !!


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