Monday, January 3, 2011

Bare@Rose Yet Again .. takes us all away !!!!!!!

Indeed one can never go wrong with Bare@Rose ..
This is a design house well organized , Brilliant mastered
Just with out a doubt a well oiled machine of Creative fun Beauty !!!
The Gown is SunBird by Bare@Rose
and was the Singapore national costume of the SL pageant Miss Virtual World 2011.
Ladies for the money and Design No One can touch this creative master piece !!!
Just stellar ....
Found on Tower 1 - Bare@Rose Main Shop:
The Colors, the details, the delicate creative beauty to this gown
are all just spectacular .. Indeed it just caught breezy's eye and she had to rush to
get and blog it .. Just a Delightful Cheerful Rich in textures ensemble
At every view, each photo shows a different detail .. a clever prim or texture added
to admire and enjoy ((smiles))
Yes Bare@Rose is dynasty all their own .. Original and Most clever designs
Year after year .. Season after Season .. Bare@Rose continues to have fun
with there out of the box creative !!!
Kudos again to the Great Team there Folks
SunBird ,Just $160 L by Bare@Rose a true Passage in Time
Breezy loves her formal evening gowns .. enjoys her genres .. in all of her apparel ..
but once in a while,It is just fun to dress up .. and for 150 Lindens Ladies come on :)
Behold this latest Bare@Rose lovely fun creative release .. Archai - L$150
The scripted wing sets included are just gorgeous !!!!
Archai is really quite a special ensemble ..
So why not head over to Bare@Rose today ..
catch a Fantasy , Make one of your own ..
Wear Your Fantasy .. Have fun on The Grid ..

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