Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brand New For 2011 .. With Glitz of Course Kembri Tomsen

"Glitz, a 1928 gold lame and lace gown. It currently resides in the depths of a collection, but when I saw it I knew I had to add it to the Seamstress 1920 line!
The cut of the dress, front and back, is true to the original garment. Now,
I could have included some kind of slip, but sometimes a woman wants to show off all her curves and then some! So no slip.There are undergarments, but I would strongly suggest you leave the bra in the folder when you're stepping out in this dress!"
Kembri Tomsen
There is no Doubt Miss Kembri Tomsen, has a Signature Style all her very own ..
be it 1920, 1930- 1940..laced in some 50's just for fun .. then back in time to the..
.. 1860's 1880s well through the 1890s
She hunts and seeks each of her era real life design pieces, to bring to all on The Grid
It is her own Passion .. The History and period of these delightful designs
No matter what part of this gown one enhances the textures are Pure Decadence !
Indeed No stockings needed for this One Ladies .. *smiles*
Breezy enjoyed her time with this beautiful evening gown..
*Gasp* Indeed it is one Smoking Look ..
whispers .. Now, Breezy !! put that Ordinal derringer away !!
*grins* oh well .. The gown and gun .. are indeed smoking .
for more On Miss Kembri and all her new locations please visit her lovely blog
ah the music is not quite up to speed for this blog but video is a most special one
it was time for breezy to take the bite .. as it is raw and not perfect .
but it is short and sweet and shows the true beauty of this creative From Kembri
Breezy thought Glitz ,is the perfect choice to share,
for the very first time .. just
one of the many delights she is toying with in the new year !

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RF said...

Excellent work yet again, Breezy!