Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Come in Out of The Cold with The Fern Gown From Curious Seamstress !!

In One World on The US front on The coasts of New England it is January
one of the Longest months of the year ..
Dark, Bitter cold, Snowy Days ....Lots of them ...
Yes this is The intro for This Lovely New Release From Curious Seamstress *grins*
Stay with me now ...
Tucked away safe and warm Breezy is in this other world ...
Until She Opens this Beautiful Vintage Gown from Lady Kembri Tomesen
Behold One of her latest Releases
The Stunning "Fern Gown"
" Fern is an amazing Victorian gown as much for the spectacular color as for the amazing embroidery on the front of the gown. It's soft and feminine and stunning in person. You could use this gown for any situation and be well dressed. I really cannot set a time of day for it, as I think it would be as suitable for morning visits as it would be for evening entertainments."
"Lady Kembri Tomsen"
Breezy's personal favorite feature of this Beautiful Gown are the puffed detailed Sleeves ..
then they go nice and tight in the arms .. mmmm love that !!
Notice the rich details to the embroidery and the placement to the Textures ..
Ladies this gown is true Era and Art ...
Special Kudos and many thanks to Kembri for her detail work once again ..
Just stunning ..
The flow of the gown, The scripted details .. indeed beautiful undergarments are included
but ladies you shall just have to buy the gown to see those .. smiles
As Lady Kembri includes three pairs of period stockings with this one..
She is most thoughtful that way ...
This is indeed a must have gown ... Breezy is thinking March for the lovely Green ..
*grins* But today is a wonderful day to stop by and pick up one for yourself ...
As breezy said January is a long long month .... sigh ...
*Fern* is an Extremely Romantic ,the beauty of this gown oozes Passion !
For more information Please visit kembri's lovely Blog ..
As market place is bugged out at the moment and grid is well .. smiles
Its second life .. and some times just like real life things can go bumpy bump !!
Adjust that Sail and continue your own Journey I promise you will enjoy it
In it this most richly real life design from Curious Seamstress !!
Do have fun and some good twirls in this
delightful Beautiful Detailed Gown

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