Thursday, January 6, 2011

'The Days of Wine and Roses' With Julliet :)

Greetings all.. Now this is a fun ensemble .. Ladies
From Miss Jezzy McCallen of Angel Dessous - couture
A true Vintage Burlesque Style make this just a must have design.
Be it a Cocktail dress, Party, Dancing or simple Out on town look !
The name of this Stunning gown is Julliet,
what a delightful Cheerful Look she be !!

Saucy, yet classy this quite finished look has it all :)

The Textures and cut work perfectly for breezy (smiles)
But it is the ebb and flow of this pretty design that spark and catches the eye !
When one is seen it is nice to spark and sparkle .. Something special about a fresh new look ..
This Design house is not new to the Grid , They have been around since 2007 ..
**Dessous & Lingerie by Angel Dessous Design**
support SL since 2007
Angel Dessous - couture -
Angel Dessous new
* Haute Couture Main Store *
exclusive designed casual wear and gowns
by Angel Dessous

So after paying tier in Seraph City, it is time for a little road trip for miss breezy
what better spot then visit the car she has had her eyes on for quite some ..
Indeed Back to take a peek @ Monarch's Motors Sleek Designs
This sim fascinates Breezy .. she took some wind light captures
There is always something new to see :)
It is a slowly growing sleek city with fabulous Builds !!
((mind you it is just a homestead but so well done !!))
Quality always counts !!
Just fun creative :)
Incredible Sleek Designs in automobiles
The guided Tour Builds are quite cool and very creative !!
Aww come on , He's cute and quite lovable too ((grins))
The ship is the latest creative being added .. Well this is the big City
Shipments have to get in :)
Just a fun day trip ((or evening one *grins*)) in a fun ensemble !
visit this fun sim soon
and do take a look at the beautiful designs
of Angel Dessous new * Haute Couture Main Store *

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