Tuesday, January 11, 2011

East Meets West in The DNR Peony Flower Gown

Greetings, with a grand start to a blizzard atm in real life ..
Brezzy has decided to wear and blog This Bright Colorful Creative Gown from
Nicky Ree .. The DNR Peony Flower Gown
Funny Breezy has worn DNR for years, yet in three years of Blogging never blogged
on one of her creations .. Interesting ..
"This design was the second design I sketched as a possible Ms Hong Kong Costume Gown for MVW 2011, the other being DNR Phoenix.
Ms Serene Faith chose the DNR Phoenix in the end as the costume for the contest and went on to win and was crowned Ms MVW 2011.
Now, since I had already prepared and drawn all the flower embroidery for the "Peony Flower" I decided to complete this gown and release in time for the CNY Celebration. The Chinese New Year for 2011 on 3rd Feb.DNR Peony Flower Gown is now available in various colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid."
Miss Nicky Ree
The beautiful cut, colors and hand drawn design all scream DNR !!
Powerful yet eloquent in design and Statement
The DNR "Peony Flower" Gown is indeed Stunning !

From every angle , each side and every view .. The gown is sheer enchantment http://designingnickyree.blogspot.com/

With a blizzard in the works .. atm this gown is refreshing and warm !
Made in several DNR shades .. Perfect for the New Year In Febuary
and all the dances , parties and rps before and after ..
Do visiit Nicky's blog or head on over in world and market place
for more info
[White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Silk Gold

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