Thursday, January 13, 2011

From Bare @ Rose The Black Swan and The Ballet Doll

Greetings all .. No No Breezy has not seen Black Swan .. But The folks at Bare@Rose
are having some fun .. Behold just one of their Latest Releases ..
The Black Swan
Just 160 lindens
The wings on this beautiful Ballet Costume are just amazing !!
The details and textures perhaps some of the best on grid !
Two pairs of ballet slippers are included pointed toes and not ..
The Black thorn crown and trim .. smiles just as always with Bare@Rose
well done .. so we all can still continue to sit in awe year after year
and wonder.. How do they keep doing it ??
Yes the little gloves and wrist accents included .. all one really needs
to add is their own hair, skin and eyes
and your on your well on your way with this ensemble
Again let the Drama and Fantasies come alive in The Costumes on The grid ..
Stay warm ... oh wait there is more .. grins :)
Like a true white Swan , This Ballet Doll rises ..smiles
Behold Bare@Rose Ballet Doll
Two ensembles included in this section
One in white and another In pink ..
all for just 160 lindens ..
The beauty of the textures and cut in design are just most delicate ..
I have replaced the dolly shoe boots with some distinctive ballerina slippers
breezy had in inventory .. smiles
Breezy just flows so most peacefully .. What a lovely ensemble
from Bare@Rose .. once again !!!
Breezy has chosen some music from the sound track from the Fabulous
Black Swan score .. although i think she may pass on the movie
A tad too dark for her .. light weight she be .. smiles
Thank You for visiting and stop by Bare@Rose soon ..
so often some of those of us that have been around a while
forget this fun creative wicked affordable house ..

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