Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quizás Quizás Quizás Oh No, It is So Tres Beau !!!!

Tres Beau has done it Yet again .. This is just one of the amazing Miss Virtual World gowns
Tres Beau has created together with ..Miss Brazil, Miss Shae Sixpence,
in a Magical collaboration with Yula Finesmith of Finesmiths fine jewelry
Tres Beau Shae.
Breezy Just adores the delicate yet simple pure eloquence to This Tres Beau Gown ..
Add the Jewel trims of Miss Finesmith .. for a look quite Unforgettably Outstanding ..
When Dancing with another, one can see the Flow of The Gown .. sheer perfection
in beauty and design ...
But wait there is More .. Breezy's Dashing Partner Dr. Fabre often wears Tres Beau for Men!
Notice the cut and design of this Fabulous Tux !!
Tres Beau "Blue Brocade" Tux
Sculpted Lapel, collar and bowtie, Prim cuffs
in world
and on market place
Notice how well he wears This Tux !!
The cut of Men's slacks always Sleek.. the textures impressive
complete with silk runner on the side of the slacks .
that's timeless style .. works in just about genre !!
Tres Beau "Blue Brocade" Tux
in world
and on market place
Have fun in second Life ..
style and fashion can be part of that fun
Like so many Designers here on The Grid
Tres Beau knows how to help everyone achieve that look !!
The location for the Dance is The Blue Room Jazz Club
Elegant seaside jazz club. Martini in the Morning, concerts, DJs. Dance 24/7
Live Singers ,Romantic Romance Ballroom Dance Dancing Salsa Latin Waltz Tango Swing Big Band Couples Singles DJs
All for now .. Special Thanks to Rafael, for modeling this amazing Tux for all :)
May 2011 bring happiness, Good Fortune and Health to all ..
In any World ..

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