Thursday, January 13, 2011

That's a Bozo No No .... No wait Its a New Toy from Grim Bros !!!!!

Ok folks this is going to be an upbeat fun fun fun Post ... grins
From Grim Bros .. in conjunction with ..
Eolene Uralia, Peachy Keen - The Bozo Game
First Breezy sizes up her Opponent .. grins ..
Oh looks pretty silly right ????
Well are you all in for a wicked awakening .. The scripting in this little Bozo Game
is off the Chain ... Starting with the boxing gloves ..
ok so you tp into Grim Bros Main Location .. You wander in and YOU can not miss
this fun display ..... YOU buy The Bozo Game in The Green Bag
and you are all set .. Oh do look around at the all the Wicked Cool Other Grim Bros
Stuff .. Buy Some More :) ......
Now here is what You get with The Bozo Game
Bozo* two pairs of scripted gloves one is copy no trans ((that is yours))
and the other is no copy trans that's for a friend .. (smiles)
ah Yes and the Wicked Cool low Prim Boxing Ring ..
cute outfit ~ sold separately ~ an oldie but goody from League
sneakers with socks League too
kk so now we have done all the neat plugs ...grins
Lets get warmed up shall we ??
Oh yes from the moment you place on these wicked cool scripted boxing gloves
you begin your warm up .. and dance around ..
Then it is time to zoom and mouse in to Bozo .. take that .. and that ..
Oh Yeah !!! how about that ... POW !!!!!
Huge grin ! Why ...Yes Bozo flys around and makes the most fun sounders along the way
and pops off some neat animations .. see above ....
But breezy warns YOU Bozo is scripted to not give up ..
Unless YOU whack him out of the Ring ..
heh .. it happens ..
In No Time Bozo is back for more .. as This Clown just don't give up !!!!
But he sure does Bounce !!
Well where is Breezy ?? The Clown couldn't have won ????
Don't Miss this fun Treat ..
Thank YOU Cutea for bringing YOUR friend's Creation
to Grim Bros to share with all ..
Eolene Uralia ,Peachy Keen - The Bozo Game
on sale at Grim Bros Now .. Just under 400lindens folks !!

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Rhianon Jameson said...

My goodness! That chap is quite persistent - after seeing those pictures, I'm worn out and need a drink!