Wednesday, January 19, 2011

..."There is Not a love Song he hasn't heard" ... Then There is Blacklace ..

So the Song says ..."There is Not a love Song he hasn't heard" ....
So share one's personality with a lasting look .. that shall last ...
Blacklace presents Sublime, another new release in the Intimates Holiday Collection
by Vollers, the Corset Company.
Each of the releases in the Intimates Holiday Collection
is more divine than the one before, and Sublime is no exception.
Sublime is a perfect harmony of black velvet and black lace;
cultured in style, rich in detail and as always, oh-so-sensual.
Sublime comes with a black velvet corset top and bottom accentuated
by exquisite lace. Also included are panties, with garters and stockings.
Breezy teams up (once again ))
The Blacklace "Sophie" Flirty sequined Flip Skirt ..
Sophie is a fun .. clever .. flirty sequined cocktail skirt...
No matter what your style may be, Sublime is a corset set that will live up to its name
and will take you to a new level of sensuality meant to transcend the ordinary…
for no one will ever find themselves uninspired when they gaze upon you wearing Sublime!
Blacklace has a Jewel of a Limited Edition corset set for this Valentine’s Day!
This purple satin set, accentuated by sparkles and trimmed in pink
will show off your playful side and how we love to play.....
Jewel includes a bra, cincher, panties, garter belt and stockings
and all this on a multitude of layers.
Oh, and this set also comes with adorable lil’ bows for the garter, a darling glitter heart necklace and earrings…everything you need to shine for the upcoming holiday!
Please note * ((breezy is not wearing the glitter hecklace and matching earing that are included ))
Stop by Blacklace today .. these fun collections are Just beautiful !!!
Breezy has added Donna Flora
(( Dolores Sets includes choker and earrings))
Dolores Black set and Dolores Purple Set ..
can be found here
The Blacklace ensembles are fun and flirty ..
the textures are just inviting and the Style Yummy ..
Oh Yes this adorable bear is included !!! ..

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