Monday, January 31, 2011

This is Romance .. This Is Classic Nicky Ree ..DNR Mona Baroque Gown and Lingerie set in Rose

Nicky Ree is indeed turning up The Heat, with her latest Collection ...
Romance is Strong this time of year .. Especially when one is wearing
Nicky Ree's DNR Mona Baroque Gown and Lingerie set in Rose
Delicate layers of Satin and rich hand drawn Lace Make this another Most exquisite creative
from The Grid's very own  Nicky Ree !!
Her Legendary Style and designs are original, unquestionable
 Beautiful and always Devinne !!
With the approach of Valentine's Day....  Nicky Ree has just released
a new collection called "Mona". This romantic baroque style gown and lingerie
set is just right for this romantic month of Feb.
With luscious lace work and folds of chiffon for a gorgeous flowing skirt options,
 this design is available in various colours in Nicky's main store 
Gosh You think Breezy is impressed ? *smiles*
make no doubts this is a top shelf designer who has not lost her touch!!!
The layers flow as any woman walks, turns, dances , or poses
in these gown .. Role Play is all of sudden brought to a new level !
You are wearing Nicky Ree .... *smiles*
With several Looks .. Layers upon layers in choices
Ricky always knows  just what every girl Needs and wants
to complete her style and look in one of her own detailed collections !
Wear you fantasy, enjoy your second Life .. *smiles*
The Creative World of Nicky Ree awaits to help you achieve
that unforgettable Look with most Original Designs !!
All of them !!

This is Romance  .. This Is Classic Nicky Ree
Nicky Ree's DNR Mona Baroque Gown and Lingerie set in Rose
available in several Sensational shades

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