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An Amazing Epic Shopping Event to Fight Cancer Kicks off March 12 - 22 2011

And So it Goes On ....  Fashion For Life ..
An Amazing Epic Shopping Event to Fight Cancer
Kicks off  March 12 - 22 2011 
Breezy  has cheerfully
spent the better part of the afternoon going through
Fashion For Life 2011
She has the privilege of Being asked to be a Blogger by and for several
Amazing Designers
more on that to come in the next few days
Wait till you  see 
Wait till you see ...
What is Fashion for Life?
Fashion for Life is the fashion arm of the Relay for Life movement
in Second Life supporting the American Cancer Society.
 In previous years you may have known our event and efforts as the RFL Clothing Fair.
 It was decided to rename The Fair for 2011.
Breezy is wearing New Release FFL hair by Amacci
tank top and jeans by  Fab.Pony
also for FFL
more to come over the few days on these and many more ...
Special Thanks  and Kudos to
Harper Beresford and Syngen Sohmers
Stingray9798 Raymaker
The Designers
The Builders
The Venders
 to all the second life avi's
that all together make this no matter what it is called
a Most One of a Kind  all  Volunteer Event ...
A special thanks is extended to Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starostin and Pips Fetid for originating the RFL Clothing Fair and running it for four years straight so that it could become the Fashion for Life. Nevar and Amethyst made Fashion for Life what it is today. Without their considerable efforts and the considerable efforts of the people on the Raiders team, this would not be possible at all. They have left a legacy for the SL Relay for Life and the Fashion for Life that can never be forgotten.

House of RFYRE @ FFL 2011
Everyone that is involved with ACS that being the American Cancer Society,
has a story in their heart why they do it ......
Please remember and respect that ..
In any world .. Yes People believe it or not ..
We are working all together to Win hearts and minds  period !!!!
The Goal is to Raise Awareness and Coin ..
Cash is Indeed King in the fight against Cancer 
Now more then ever before ..
Untill There is a cure
We do Work hard in hearts minds and Spirits !!!
Cancer is personal  period ..
So when mixed emotions come into play 
take a step back .. breath .. walk away ..
remember it is all about The Cause ..
One that is greater then anyone of us ..
sorry had to state that ..  *smiles*
Now for
Fashion For Life 2011
please note the web site on this event
is packed full of useful infomations
***from hints to beat lag
***to how tos to how to tune up  your viewers
and so many things in between
visit the FFL  website today !!!
or soon ..
Vendor Listing
Nine packed sims with over 180 designers
hunts and Gachas
Fabulous Fashion Show
From ACS  Survivors
Magic Make Over 

Here are the participants in Fashion for Life by sim (including clickable slurls!):
Ansel Adams, sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick Lancaster
■Adam n Eve
■Agnes Finney–My Precious
■Alienbear’s Jewelry
■Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry
■Donna Flora
■Pretty Lady Fashions
■PurpleMoon Creations
■Sage Fashions
■Sascha’s Designs
■Sparkle Skye Designs
■Styles of Edo
■Tres Beau Designs
Shulman, sponsored by :. WoE .: and built by Nigel Riel
■*BOOM* Clothing
■Bottle Bird
■Butterfly Effectz
■Cara Bella
■Dawn Design
■:: Exodi ::
■fm shoes
■the grINd
■Image Reflections
■JariCat Fashions
■Poetic Colors
■SD Wears
■Sinful Pleasures
■Thalia’s Fashion Collection
Stieglitz, sponsored by House of RFyre and built by Grace Loudon
■Aurora Borealis
■Body Canvas
■Caverna Obscura
■Cracked Mirror
■*+Crie Style+*
■Curious Seamstress
■Deviant Designs
■Glam Affair
■Gothic Passionate Dreams
■Grim Bros.
■INDI Designs
■Je taime
■Kouse’s Sanctum
■La Petite Morte
■Naughty N Nice
■Trashy Girls In Style
■Vengeful Threads
Helmut Newton, sponsored by KMadd Enterprises/MADesigns and built by Raven Haalan
■Blacklace Lingerie
■*Bliss Couture*
■Casa CheerNo
■je suis…
■MEB Fashion
■N-core design
■Orage Creations
■SF Design
■Vindi Vindaloo Creations
Avedon, sponsored by Bliss Couture and built by Cierra Anatine
■Entertainment sim including stage, catwalk, cancer info center

Bourke White, sponsored by [Elikatira] and built by Syngen Sohmers
■A&k Designs
■Apple May Designs
■BeNoir Designs
■Dark Mouse
■e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
■*FIR & MNA*
■Pixel Mode
■Pixel Passion
■Style by Kira
■Vanitas Vesture
■Vitamin Ci
Arbus, sponsored by Evie’s Closet and built by Dream Resistance
■Audacious Designs
■Baby Monkey
■Boho Baku ~
■Ear Candy
■Earth & Sky Designs
■::Eclectic Firefly::
■Fantasia:Fantasy Clothier
■Gems & Kisses
■Lemania Indigo Designs
■Lois Allen Designs
■Mer Betta
■~ Mystic Sky ~
■Solange! Fashions
■Tree & Ocean SL (TOSL)
■Virtual Impressions
Irving Penn, sponsored by LaPointe and Bastchild and built by Syngen Sohmers
■Awesome Designs
■~*~Felicia’s Fashions~*~
■::Fierce Designs::
■Haven Designs
■Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs
■HOC Industries
■Indyra Originals
■Jada Humby Couture
■M Designs Menswear
■Maverick Design
■Peeps Fashion
■Total Betty
Mapplethorpe, sponsored by FallnAngel Creations and built by Eshi Otawara
■Bare Rose Tokyo
■~*{ The Black Canary }*~
■Brocade Tiger
■Eshi Otawara
■Gallery fumiwo
■Milky House
■NONKO romankan
■Sonatta Morales
■Umi Usagi
■Vanity Hair

Well Hi Sting !!
Always Charming ......
((ok how swamped and busy do ya all think he was here in front of Nicky Ree's))

Our Second Life Liaison to The Real World ACS
Thank YOU Sting !!

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