Monday, March 21, 2011

Blacklace @ FFL, Rush Right Over For The Clock is Ticking !!!

For my Last Post for Fashion For Life 2011
Breezy visits Blacklace ,
 they have some  saucy steamy and gorgeous designs
for RFL 2011 releases
Blacklace presents  Encore, a presentation for Fashion for Life 2011.

Everybody knows that a ”little black dress”
is an absolute necessity in any woman’s wardrobe.
Hair by Vanity Hair
All women know that just one little black dress is never enough, and Blacklace
has created one that is a must have. Encore is the perfect mix of classical elegance,
glamour and in your face seduction.Well,
seduction really isnt going to be too difficult wearing Encore because who would say no?

Hair by Vanity Hair
You will tease and beguile in this figure hugging short sexy lace dress with short sleeves.
 Encore is slit up the thigh to the hip and will offer an eye-popping glance at your upper thigh,
and hey, who is going to complain about a little temptation!
 and hurry because this is one little black dress you just cant do without!
Hair by Vanity Hair
Blacklace offers Flick, a presentation for Fashion for Life 2011.
This provocative corset set comes with a body hugging sheer corset trimmed in red that will caress every curve and titillate the senses with the hint of what doesn’t show.
In addition, Flick includes panties, bra and garters which are adorned with playful bows –
perfect for that late night nibble and of course way sexy stockings.
The woman who wears Flick is confident, alluring and she knows it.
She doesn’t let anyone forget it either. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.
If you’ve got it – flaunt it!
We always know we can depend on Blacklace to help us do just that!
You can find Flick at the Fashion for Life Blacklace store.
Blacklace offers Jewel, a Fashion for Life 2011
presentation because it’s time to shine and Blacklace is here to help us!
This shimmering corset set was made for the girl in us because what girl doesn’t like Jewels?
 Wearing Jewel will make you feel like you are dripping in precious gems,
and worth a million bucks…and Blacklace knows you ARE worth so much more!
Vanity Hair* crazy horse in blond
Jewel includes a bra, cincher, panties, garter belt and stockings and all this on a ton of layers.
Add in adorable lil’ bows for the garter perfect for that playful nip,
a glitter heart necklace and earrings and you have everything you need to sparkle.
Vanity Hair*crazy horse in blond

The Bowler Breezy is wearing is Hatpins latest Release
The Lady Jean bowler in Black
There are six other colors to be enjoyed, all complete with detachable veil.
Vanity Hair Crazy horse in blond
Oh La La  to Cha Cha !!!
Blacklace offers Cha Cha, a presentation for Fashion for Life 2011.

A sultry corset set,
 Cha Cha will get things going in no time no matter what moves you have in mind!
Vanity Hair Crazy horse in black

The satin corset top will wrap around your body and just dare your partner to touch…
and touch and touch some more. The ruched bra will accentuate and define as does the adorable panties *wink*
. Also included are garters and stockings.
 With all that combined, the Cha Cha isn’t the only thing you’ll find yourself doing!
You can find Cha Cha at the Fashion for Life Blacklace store, so hurry before the Fashion for Life ends!
Vanity Hair Crazy horse in black

 Jewery Set through Out This Post
Xenia Set In Black by Donna FLora


Harper Beresford said...

Goodness, Breezy! These looks are smokin! Seems you found every last ounce of sexiness at FFL and put it all over your blog. Yay!

Breezy Carver said...

You Betcha! :)