Friday, March 4, 2011

Chrysalis by Kristine Lowey Chases No Pavements !!!

Surprise a little break from the Hunt
to share this Magical creative from Kristine Lowey ..
Ladies Meet  .. Chrysalis Vertigo by Krintine Lowey
Oh la la . on this creation tenfold ..

This is one sexy stunning sophisticated Gown !!
Hot steamy sexy Black lace trimmed with white sequins ..
jewels included on this one ladies .. personality to put it all together and carry it off ..
well that's up to you .. *wink*
 SO often Breezy types  save the drama for the fashion .. smiles
with Steam The Hunt ..  Relay For Life of Second life on the grid ...Madis Gras float fun ..
along with .. Planing her own events ..  
ahh never mind  a dashing .. Rock Solid Partnership .. Breezy stays busy on the grid ..
Lace in a good and steady .grounded real life ..
this is the getaway fun that make one relax, escape and entertain one's self
and then turn it all around and share on a happy blog ..
Nah, Breezy is not giving up anytime Soon ..
Breezy knows her place .. *smiles*
reaching for them rainbows .. forget about the pavements ..
 Ah back to this exquisite gown *.. that  has inspired this blog ..
Chrysalis Vertigo by Krintine Lowey


Hair sticks
R shawl
L shawl
Flexy skirt
Suggested Shoes:
 Special thanks to Chrysalis *Vertigo* by Krintine Lowey
as you can see Ms Lowey, Breezy is having a blast .. so thank you again !!
The shoes are by Kristine Lowey as well .. 
Luxury shoes with jewels.

Try the demo Ms Lowey's shop.
Suggested Dress:
Visit Store in SL:
Chrysalis by Kristine Lowey, Indeed  Chases No Pavements !!!  
Kudos Kristine well done My dear !!!!
visit her shop today in world
and a wee taist on Market Place .. *as it should be*

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