Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Blakopal, The Pure Steamy& Saucy , Bettie Corset Outfit - Black

Oh this collection is just Yummy Yummy !!
In any world ya know when you get something brand new
and you just want it in  every shade and want it to last and last ..  ???
Well Meet BlakOpal latest Hot Steamy Release ..
Take a look at this ..  grins .. little number
Indeed the Design Fabulous Team of Blakopal Designs
have really out done themselves tenfold with this latest Collection ..
Hence Breezy shall be visiting it a few more times ..
The Colars and Details .. Baby !!!
"Bettie Corset Outfit - Black "
Created by BlakOpal Designs
"A flirty corseted dress that's perfect for day or evening wear, with lots of sexy touches that let you decide how daring you want to be. The dress features a waist cincher corset covered in satin brocade dragons and rosebud embroidered silk, and trimmed with beaded braid. The corset is open at the back, fastened with four heavy buckles. The dress underneath is a dazzling semi-sheer crystal organza fabric. The bodice top has spaghetti straps with lace trim at the front and comes in a solid or semi-sheer version. The skirt falls to knee-length in lots of semi-sheer layers that move and flow as you walk. Under the skirt is a garter belt in fabrics that match the corset, with rosebud trim. The garters hold up sheer stockings, and there is a matching panty to finish off this sexy ensemble."

"Bettie Corset Outfit - Black "

Created by BlakOpal Designs

• Corset
• Solid Bodice
• Sheer Bodice
• Skirt top
• Flexi skirt
• Garter
• Stockings

• Panty
This outfit makes use of Multi-Wearables in SL
This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose.
It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.

Whimsy Beautiful Saucy and Fun ..
Those are just  a few  Adjectives to describe
this sensational release ...
The Bettie Corset Outfit in Black
From BlakOpal ... Now in five amazing shades
that Yes Breezy shall be sharing *grins*
Some already met Bettie Corset Set in Red ..
Wait till you see the Blue .. Purple and Breezy's
all time favorite in White ..  twirlsssssssssssss
to purchase now visit them on Market Place
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"Bettie Corset Outfit - Black " Created by BlakOpal Designs

Oppss gotta Run .. Busy Busy Busy ..
*grins* .
Oh The Video below .. Love it !!
a real steam punk saultry Number
shared with Breezy from that Evil
One and only Doctor O ..
evil (wonderful) genuis with musical Taste
who knew *smiles*

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