Thursday, March 17, 2011

The House of Kouse's Sanctums at Fashion For Life 2011

Kouse’s Sanctum
~Fashion for Life~
long before steam punk Nations back in 2007
For Breezy there was this brilliant most kind Designer
Singh Kouse

Through the years she has always been there ..
for all, so each and every little girl at heart, can be and feel like a princess
in their own second life ..  This is the world of Singh Kousewith her own Most Modest Heart ..
"It’s that time of year again! Relay for Life has begun in SL, and kicking it off is Fashion for Life, formerly known as the Relay for Life Clothing Fair. Once again, I’m honored to be a participant in this great event as a merchant. This year’s offerings from me are a mix of old, and new (previously unreleased items)."
Singh Kouse
Kouse’s Sanctum
" Faith, is a brand new item. It’s a pretty, large skirted ball gown fit for a fairy princess.
I decided this year, to also make some jewelry for the event. Initially I’d meant to only make a crown, but, an IM from the lovely Evangeline Miles nudging me for a full set made me choose to do exactly that…make a complete set. And so, it’s available either with just the crown (three versions included in each package, and they’re transfer for gifting) for 150L, or, for 400L, you can purchase the complete set with includes crowns, necklace, earrings, and bracelet."
Singh Kouse
can be found at FFL

Kouse is one of the most special houses (( there are many :)))
but only one Kouse  .. each gown makes one a fairy princess
These collections are available at Fashion For Life 2011
Many Happy Twirlsss Indeed ! 
Stieglitz, sponsored by House of RFyre and built by Grace Loudon
Jocelyn is something completely new. It’s a large set with many, many options
 for customizing the look, only some of which are shown here.
This version of the set, at only 400L, includes the black base gown with both knee length and full length skirts, and two colors of belt and apron to choose from.
Here Breezy is wearing the Red belt and apron in knee length
Breezy loves Jocelyn the Perfect wench attire
Here Breezy is wearing the Purple belt and apron in knee length
Here breezy wears the full length Jocelyn with Purple belt and apron 
Indeed  the Perfect wench attire
"For those who enjoyed the Artemis gowns released at the end of last year,
she makes another appearance in a rich, royal purple.
At Fashion For Life and For the Relay for Life 2011 Season"
Singh Kouse
Daily we miss people we have lost .. 
Sparkle through your very own quiet times
Visit this wonderful generous Designer and her Delightful Gowns
today at Fashion For Life .....
"The theme this year is ‘Beyond Black and White’. Keeping that in mind, my items this year aren’t all the standard purple. The Relay version of Michelle is an example of this, including black, white, and purple with silver trim altogether in one gown".
Singh Kouse
This version of Michelle includes all the same pieces as a standard Michelle set.
The flow and scripts in this gown like all of Kouse's siganture gown
Just beautiful .. 
Kouse’s Sanctum
A source for Medieval, Fantasy, and contemporary fashions for women in Second Life
since summer of 2007. Kouse's Sanctum offers gowns, jewelry, and more.


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