Thursday, March 24, 2011

Look !!! .. Someone is Calling !!! ..Oiling Festival Plus The Carnival Ball & Dark Ride Build Contest

 A Great Deal is going on in Breezy Carver Fabre's very own home
community .. The City of New Babbage of course
We are Steampunks and do things a tad Different .. if YOU Please ..
Breezy had to share an early ride .. on one of the build entrees to her very own
Monthly Build Contest  ..
The Dark Ride  Build Contest
93 Prims Limit
All builds due on the  Landing
by  7p SLT  Saturday March 26th  2011
First Prize 2000
Second Prize 1500
Thrid prize  500
Piermont Landing
The Carnival Ball ..
Dark Ride Building contest
March 26th
6pm to 9pm slt
Music By the Amazing
DJ Bats ..
New Babbage RFL 2011
Kick Off ..
Sponsored by
House of RFYRE
The Curious Seamstress
The Humming Bird never flew like this .. 
Behold the Modest, Amazing,a bit Mad, Most Fun, and always Adorable
 Builder of this Awesome Ride the one ,the only  Ms  Obscura Benoir
rides her very own creative ....   weeeeeeee !!
This is no ordinary Carousel .. Folks  
as all know next to twirling  Breezy just  adores Carousels in all worlds ..  
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
*gasp*  Mr Nightshade Sixspence of course ..
Haunted fun  House indeed !!
Join us this weekend won't YOU ?????
New Babbage  is the Place YOU want to be ..
The Dark Ride Build Contest 
where You say .. 
All In New Babbage 
Some one is Calling ....     It's not over 
It's Not too Late ..
enter your builds now ..

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