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New Toulouse of Second Life Mardi Gras Celebrations !!!!!!!!

Have your selves a look this is the closest thing to the real Thing folks !!
and its all  right here in Second Life !!!!
Breezy is wearing Miss Costa Rica in Gold from SON!A
Be it Carnival or Mardi Second Life Has it all !!!!
Perhaps the fashion a tad over the Top .. As it should be :) ...
Please allow Breezy to share with all a Most Special Event going on This Weekend
New Toulouse of Second Life 3rd Annual Mardi Gras Celebrations
((come on folks any excuse to share a cute, dynamic, Stunning Creative here ))

A Letter From Estate Owner Gabrielle Riel Pertaining to  Her very own
New Toulouse of Second Life
 Mardi Gras Celebrations
Sunday March 6th throught Tuesday March 8, 2011

 The Estate of New Toulouse will be having our Third Annual Mardi Gras celebrations from Sunday, March 6, 2011 through Tuesday, March 8, 2011. Our actual Mardi Gras Parade is on Sunday, March 6 from 11:00am - 1:00pm SLT. I invite all  to participate in our parade!

Like New Orleans, New Toulouse has "Krewes", or teams, that work together to create floats and that ride them together during the parade. A Krewe can be anywhere from two to five people. Krewe members toss items to the parade audience and shout to them, as well as to the Krewes on other floats. You are welcome to create, and name, your own Krewe.
To learn more about actual world Krewes:
 - this information can help explain what Krewes are, how they work and hopefully provide you with inspiration for your own Krewe.
*Float Information*
This year's New Toulouse Mardi Gras Parade will be AUTOMATED due to multiple reasons including: the removal of lag created by a manually driven (and colliding) objects and the expanded route that will include both NT and NT Bourbon.
Please use the following specs when building your float:
* Create your float base as a rectangle with the following size coordinates: X = 6.0, Y = 0.5, Z = 4.0
* The float can be no more than 29 prims (this is the case for all SL vehicles)
* Please set your float base as your root prim
* Keep in mind that you will probably need poses in the build for your riders
* Please build your float with at the very least a *nod* to vintage style.
* Sculpties are ok
* Scripts are ok, HOWEVER keep in mind that more scripts = more lag. Also, please do NOT place your scripts in your float base.
When your float is complete, you will need to pass me a FULL PERM copy of it, because I am going to install the script and config card into the float base.
I will set up a several practice runs. There is no way we will all be able to meet at the same time in advance. Luckily we can practice at multiple times as the route will be automated.
I have not yet designed the parade route nor the float running order.
You must drop your float on me BEFORE 12:00am SLT on March 5 in order to run your float in the parade.
Please contact me, Gabrielle via notecard, IM or email ( if you have any questions or need further information!
Gabrielle Riel

New Toulouse Mardi Gras Festival

Sunday, March 6 - Tuesday, March 8
Mardi Gras Exhibit at Toussaint l'Ouverture Library
Open Houses - Specific New Toulouse Merchants and Artists have open shops during the Festival and are offering sales or special items
Join the Mardi Gras Celebrations in New Toulouse
❤Passista Tres❤ From Bare@Rose ..
New Toulouse Mardi Gras Festival Schedule
Sunday, March 6 - Tuesday, March 8
All Weekend
Mardi Gras Exhibit at Toussaint l'Ouverture Library
Open Houses - Specific New Toulouse Merchants and Artists have open shops during the Festival and are offering sales or special items
Sunday the 6th
11:00am - 12:30pm SLT - Mardi Gras Parade with dancing the square
7:30-8:30pm SLT - Costumed Street Dancing
Residents and visitors most welcome to don wild and creative attire and masks and visit the Open House shops
The Opening of the "Nightmare Visions" Exhibit at The Chaos Faerie in New Toulouse Bourbon
Monday the 7th
1:00pm-2:00pm SLT - Costumed Street Dancing
6:00pm-8:30pm - Mardi Gras Party at Madhu's
❤Passista Tres❤ From Bare@Rose ..
Tuesday the 8th ((Fat Tuesday))
12:00am - 2:00am - The Mardi Gras Day Kick-Off Party
at Le Vieux Canal Jazz Club in New Toulouse Algiers
12:30-2:00pm SLT - The Absinthe Ball at l'Hôtel Spiritueaux
7:30-9:00pm SLT - The Absinthe Ball at l'Hôtel Spiritueaux
The **MARDI GRAS** color of this set is kinda the prototype of "La Chouette du Paradis",
 which you can find with slightly different content in 8 different colors at deviousBeauty

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Kembri Tomsen said...

If you haven't been to New Toulouse's Mardi gras celebrations you're missing out! Probably the most fun I've ever had in SL was the last Mardi Gras I was at there. It truly captures the spirit of the holiday! I rode on a float and danced through the parade, then had a great dance to go to afterwards. New Toulouse also introduced me to Zydeco music. Talk about fun stuff!

Thanks for the wonderful blog Breezy!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!