Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser .... starts today March 16 to April 10th

From Bare@Rose  The  Stunning Mahamayuri Malachite
Beautiful Mahamayuri dress now in beautiful shades of green
Mahamayuri Malachite

Dress textures are made from shimmering silk
with shimmering highlights and feathered accents.
Includes dress, gloves, necklace , armband, and matching hat!

Fun Saucy and Beautiful Silks and Satin in Shades of Green
Timeless , stunning and works in several eras !

❤ Leprechaun Lady ❤
How cute is this one !!!
and You Bet it is another adorable creative from
the stockings  the shoes ..  the hat the pipe .. the entire outfit and look
only from Bare@Rose......
So head on over and visit the famous towers of Bare@Rose .........
Rose and many of her friends and staff at  Bare@Rose are safe ..
These above designs  are not part of The Fundraiser
But she has created  Three items for it ..
You can see them at Tori's Blog ..
The Japanese are handling this enormous tragedy with dignity and grace.

Despite the horrific scenes of destruction,
 Japan shall emerge from its quake-tsunami-nuclear disaster
with a stronger international brand-name as the nation's resilience wins World wide praise.
Imagine in 2011 and all that is left of a certain village, city or town is their web site !
Indeed our prayers and thoughts are with Japan and her People ..
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