Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There is a Faire In the Air .. The Fantasy Faire 2011 is Coming .. twirls !!!

With One more Nor'easter on it's way .. Breezy looks
and finds a Star to wish on ..
breezy is wearing Bare@Rose
 Sleepwalking Aries
❤ Sleepwalking Aries ❤
Very unique pajama set featuring Aries ram styling.
Includes printed design pajama tops and pants with sculpted pieces, aries sleeping cap,
watch choker, tail, and slippers... Includes blue and pink colors!
Olliphont from CFF
❤ Sleepwalking Aries ❤

Also unique to this set is the bed, its worn as an attachment that at rest poses
 you under the covers and if you walk the bed animates and legs move
to walk you in it .. as if you are in a dream
While sleeping breezy dreams of kinds of wonderful dreams
Mermaids .. and Fantasies ..
❤Neo Pisces Lady❤ + ★Neo Pisces★

❤Neo Pisces Lady❤ + ★Neo Pisces★

❤Neo Pisces Lady❤ + ★Neo Pisces★
Neo Zodiac outfits for Pisces Featuring 2 different versions -
Both human and Mermaid are both included!
Both include intricate detailed top made with Fish scale textures and sculpted pieces.
You also get headpiece gloves and pants + skirting and the Mermaid or Merman
versions include tail with its own Ao !

❤Neo Pisces Lady❤ + ★Neo Pisces★

❤Neo Pisces Lady❤ + ★Neo Pisces★

Breezy awakes feeling so much better ...
Indeed There is A Faire in The Air ..
The Fantasy Faire 2011 
all proceeds to benefit Relay For Life Second Life
The Fantasy Faire 2011  Coming .....
April 2nd to April 10th
9 amazing Sims  Packed with spectacular Creative
Indeed  There is a Faire in The Air !!!! 

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Stunning work yet again! *smiles*