Sunday, May 15, 2011

BlackLace .... What They Do !!!

BlackLace .... What They Do !!! 
Blacklace Blacklace .. Indeed what they do !!
Well they Make Signature Unforgettable Designs For Starters ..
With Textures and Style that are sleek, hot, sexy and beyond ...  
Blacklace has made a name for themselves
This Week they have something very special for all ..
Blacklace gives you Dark Angel for this weeks TOSL.
Deliciously wicked, those around you will be unable to resist your sinful charms. Dark Angel is captivating in a purple leather teddy with a mesh inset, silver buckles, and studded thong panties. The rest of the outfit; leather stiletto thigh highs, barbed wire cross choker and bangles
 make this devilish set one heavenly deal!
Naturally, Dark Angel comes in multiple layers and transfers as well.
Also included another package with  Dark Angel X rated version ...
Behold all the power that will be and is yours in Blacklace’s Dark Angel.
Blacklace has a new item out for this weeks LOW special.
Ophelia is an opulent gown; elegant, graceful and in true Blacklace fashion,
 always provocative.
The gown is topped with rich black lace that caresses the bodice while leaving the shoulders bare.
 Red satin wraps around you and falls to the floor in a crimson pool at your feet.
 The split skirt parts to expose your thigh for that eye-popping appeal that Blacklace always offers
. The dress also comes with gloves and on multiple layers and is of course transfer!
For the occasions that nothing else will do except
for exquisite beauty, there is Ophelia.

Blacklace presents at extraordinary savings Both
 Dark Angel and  Ophelia.
But The extra savings on these beauties is only this week ..

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