Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Curious Seamstress Presents Maizie !! Everyone is going to LOVE Maizie !!!

 Curious Seamstress Presents Maizie !!
Everyone is going to LOVE  Maizie!!
This is a real Beauty !!!!
Lady Kembri Tomsen has a most special One coming out for all !!!
Meet Maizie ....
From head to two .. day to Night Kembri covers all the base on this Stunning Vintage Couture !
\Catherine hair and Susy Jewels Set  from Donna Flora
As always with Curious Seamstress, Lady Kembri Starts with the most darling Vintage Undergarments ..
Camisole and Tap pants and beautiful Stockings !
The Look is Sassy but sweet .. Imagine yourself back In time to the Days of the Roaring 20s .
Indeed Breezy has a big smile .. Note the shoes .. Yep ..
They are Included with the Maizie Ensemble !!
Take note to those darling heels ..  wait till you see ..  wait to till You See !! 
Meet   1920s evening dress - Maizie' .. Nods Nods .. Isn't she the very Best !!!! 
Hat with darling long flowing ribbons ... The gorgeous shawl ..
and the Dress  is just eloquent !! 
Think of  Refreshing  light lemon aid meeting gentle soft flowing  chiffon ..
smiles layers and layers of this rich stunning  texture !!
 1920s evening dress - Maizie'
Maizie is a show stopper Indeed (( hence the music))  the couture is a production in itself ..
waiting for YOU to purchase her for your own .. performance be it role play, a night on the dance floor or stage ..  Even a Saturday Wedding on the grid ..  When You are wearing   this amazing
1920s evening dress - Maizie' you can't go wrong .
Lady Kembri has put hours into the details on this Vintage Ensemble ...
Indeed  Breezy is thrilled to model 1920s evening dress - Maizie'  in The Lobby
 of The Carrington in Seraph City !!! 
But wait there is More ..  grins .. As Breezy visits The Carrington's  Secret Lounge ..
Wearing Curious Seamstress's  Latest Creative .. 1920s evening dress - Maizie' 
 .. Note the head piece ..Feather and all .. Oh La La .. Cest Bon !!! 
Day ware turns into  sleek Hot Saucy Night ware in no time ..
The delicate texture with sequins are decadent !!! 
 1920s evening dress - Maizie'
Curious Seamstress  1920s evening dress - Maizie'  Coming soon ...

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