Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Blacklace ... Here Comes The Beauty .. Bride that is

 From Blacklace ... Here Comes The Beauty .. Bride that is
Here comes the bride and she is a Beauty, a Blacklace Beauty that is!
Blacklace presents Beauty, a stunning Wedding Dress for the discerning bride
Beauty consists of a white corset that comes with or without straps and two different skirts. The more classic bride can choose the full skirt. The bride who leans to wanting to look sexier every day, including her wedding day can opt for the split skirt that offers a generous peek of thigh, surely to tantalize her waiting groom.
This generous set also includes opera length gloves and a veil.
Naturally the set also includes garter, stockings and panties..

After the wedding, comes the wedding night, and you wont have to make him wait long at all! All you have to do is take off the skirt and you’re ready for a night of romance!

Beauty comes in a multitude of layers, and you can also opt for a copy version or a transfer version! Blacklace didn’t forget the demo either because
we know you want your dress to be perfect...
and with Blacklace it will !

Please Visit Blacklace's Beauty and the stuff that dreams are made of!

Spring Fling Bridal
The sun is shining, the air is sweet and finally, spring is here and with that comes
 the time for romance and wedding bells!
Blacklace presents Spring Fling Bridal, a delicate lingerie set perfect for The Wedding Day.
The set consists of a white floral bra with a dainty scalloped edge in also in white. Also included are both sheer panties and garter embellished with
translucent insets embellished with tiny red roses.
and of course, matching stockings.
With Spring Fling Bridal, you will be your partner’s playground, and your body will be covered in delicate petals that are soft to the touch and luscious to inhale.
 Drink in your new life and celebrate because its your big day and Blacklace is always here to help you commemorate your special moments!

Gaia Bridal
Tis the season! Now that spring is here, wedding season is upon us, and who else
but Blacklace to create the perfect wedding lingerie!
Whether you wear it under “The Dress” or for the wedding night, the lingerie is an
 integral part of the day…or night.
Gaia Bridal is a white satin floral bra and panty set of which the material is lustrous, detailed, and elegant with the adornment of tiny red roses. The set includes a bra and panties, garter and stockings all on multiple layers.

Even if you’re not getting married, Gaia Bridal is still a ravishing set when you want to make a statement…or should I say whisper…a whisper of promises made about nights of unbridled passion !

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