Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Curious Seamstress Ladies Meet Elsie !

From Curious Seamstress Ladies Meet Elsie ! 
Ladies Meet  Elsie, One of Lady Kembri's Latest Releases , from The Curious Seamstress.
"This 1920s day suit is made for daytime wear for a woman of wealth and refinement. The designer was Captain Edward Molyneux, who was British. With this day suit we see a quintessential Molyneux ensemble, though it is in the unusual color of green. He tended to prefer black, blue, beige or gray and skirts with pleating. His work was sleek and elegant, with a classical British upper class restraint that this man was very familiar with. He disliked overly ornate gowns, preferring a clean, more fluid line in his clothing. He began designing dresses under Lady Duff-Gordon aka Lucille before World War 1. In 1918 he opened his own salon and kept designing clothing until he retired in 1950."
Lady Kembri Tomsen  
Edward Molyneux inspired this day suit. The flowing lines and pleated skirts are quite elegant.
  Mink stole and hat as well as the shoes are included.
This Classic 1930's Genre Design
comes Loaded ..Elsie, comes with a Darling Hat .. fox tails
two sets of undergarments, including 2 pairs of stockings ..
The jacket and tails come off to reveal a stunning Classy top and skirt .
Oh and the shoes .. Deco of course ..
Visit Curious Seamstress today ..
In world or Market Place
Wear Your Drama and Passion on The Grid ..
With designers like Lady Kembri stay original and be noticed !
Ah an early evening after a busy day in the big city ..
Wearing Curious Seamstress' Elsie.
Elsie by Curious Seamstress
Hair and jewels by
Donna Flora
Deco shoes included .. Gotta Love Curious Seamstress
You are going to Just Love Elsie !

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