Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day From A ❤Sea Breeze❤

In Honor of those we Have Lost ~ Those who Have Served~ It's A Great Day To Honor
To Celebrate God and Country !
God Bless all The Troops and God Bless America
on This Memorial Day !!
 As all rush about and around .. Be it the Parades, The BBQs, The Gardening ..
Take a Moment to thank and remember all those that have served and fought for this Amazing Freedom and Liberty we share here in The USA ..
 Breezy.(( a Seabreeze herself)) is wearing
 The Darling  ❤Sea Breeze❤ from Bare@Rose
She was  thrilled to see it and wear it !!
Thank YOU  Tori and as always
Special thank yous to the amazing
 Modest Designer June of Bare@Rose
 ❤Sea Breeze❤
This adorable Sailor suit comes with lots of different options for unique looks !
Set includes White sailor jacket with sculptes pieces, 4 colors of tie choices,version with no tie, hotpants or mini skirt options.
Also includes gloves, socks, shoes, and sculpted Sailor hat !
❤Sea Breeze❤ from Bare@Rose ..
Up toYou to supply the extra hearts :)
Ladies and Gentlemen if you are lucky enough to know  Ones that Served
Make a Point to give them a great Big Hug and Special thanks today !!
Notice the look in their eyes when You Do ..
to The Ones That did not Return ...
A Special Powerful Poem  for their love ones
That says it all
A soldier's Mother worries when he goes to war.
She wonders if he is safe and happy,
or if she will see him any more.

She knows he doesn't want this war,
But she can also realize
He's fighting for a freedom,
This freedom is their Lives.

I don't want this War,
But people hear my voice;
I'm fighting for something special,
My Mother's right of choice.

So if I should die in combat,
Mother, please don't weep;
For I would rather die protecting you
Than die while I'm asleep.

If God should take me unto him,
During hate, hostility and war,
Remember, Mother, I love my country,
But I love you even more.
Written by
W. S. C
in VietNam March 1968
Killed in VietNam July 28,1968”  
Below take a moment to watch ..
A song for each of America's arm forces
The Most Powerful and Strong
Do You know The words ???  
Such Powerful Songs .. Do You know The Words ???

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