Monday, May 2, 2011

House of RFYRE DiD a Bad Bad Thing !!!!

Nah Not really ... But Breezy got ya your attention Right ????
Raven Has done it again .. with these  two ensembles .. Grand SLam ..
Hot .. Beautiful, Sleek Sexy Textures Pure Signature House of RFYRE !!! 
Meet The Dione Collection !!
The Dione Collection 
Two Ensembles ..
One ensemble is a gorgeous  gown ..
that can be worn several way ...
Pure... RFYRE.. Plus ...
The Other  a sleek mini club look
Both rich ,enticing and most original in Style ..

I have a deep passion for the archaic which I often weave into my creations. I crafted this collection to embody the classical lines of Greco-Roman design with a touch of sensual curves
 brought sharply into a modern focus.
Raven Pennyfeather
The Dione Collection Now on Sale at The House of RFyre.
For the woman at ease in any century.

The gown pulls and draws one in to the smooth sensation of saucy hot Passion .
Dramatic and bold .. The extra attention in gold trim work impeccable of Raven .. 
Now Available both in world and on Market Place

The beauty of the this collection really has to be seen in person .. and worn ..
It is the type of ensemble one would love to touch in real life !!
just stunning and true pleasure to wear and share ..
 RFyre Dione Woman Black and Silver Mini Club Dress
Please note these two ensembles are sold separately ..
But once you have one you will want the other .. promise !
The Look the Style .. Ah The fun in this Creative !!!!
The Drama of The All Silver
even the Stockings .. Yummy Yum !!
why of Course You are wearing RFYRE ...
Where Your Fantasy ..  Ebrace your Style .. Visit the Isle of RFYRE today !!
Have fun with Your own Looks and Desires in any World ...
But when in this one .. smiles ..
Visit House of RFYRE  today 
Still a big favorite of this Blogger
and this collection is just one perfect example of the Many Many Reasons why !!
House of RFYRE  in world and on Market Place
The Dione Collection is waiting for You ..
Breezy loves the details to the flowing cuffs on both ensembles ..
Nah House of RFYRE didn't do a bad bad  thing ..
But YOU might when You wear either of these Enticing ensembles 
from the Dion Collection  by House of RFYRE ..

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