Sunday, May 8, 2011

Its Time to Find Your place in Sun with Bang Bang latest Release The Refuge

Its Time to Find Your place in Sun with Bang Bang latest Release
  "The Refuge"
Ah yes who says You can't have it all on The Grid !!
Well Bang Bang  makes an effort to do just that for each and everyone ..
The Refuge  .... is here !! 

Textures to relax and enjoy by  .. Bang Bang does it again !!

The Details included in this Darling Build are Lovely ..

TheFuton: Just 5 prims/ with 4 clever animations
makes the Refuge just most relaxing !

The Refuge has a footprint of approx. 20 x 10
Including all the furniture and decoration,
 it comes in at 71 prims, the house itself is 42 prims.
It has sliding doors and windows.
The backwall gives you a choice of 4 textures.
Refuge - Futon: 5 prims/4 animations
Refuge - Open Shelve: 2 prims
Refuge - Sideboard: 3 prims
Refuge - Small table: 3 prims
Refuge - Vase with lilies: 4 prims
Refuge - Blossoms on Water: 5 prims
Refuge - Tatami Mat: 1 prim
Refuge - Brazier: 4 prims
Refuge - Paper Lanterns: 1 prim each
Shop price: 355L

The textures , The Sliding doors . the laterns .. the animations ..
 make this a perfect little get away
all your very own  from Bang Bang !! 

Indeed its time to find your place in Sun ...
Visit Bang Bang today ..
Purchase yourself The Refuge !!!
Breezy is wearing Curious Seamstress & GWD - Sea Pearls Vintage Bathing Suit -
 1950's Mango Honey
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sisch said...

Lovely post and pics, thank you Breezy! :)

Breezy Carver said...

*smiles* and Thank You Miss Sisch... :)