Thursday, May 19, 2011

LostAngel Industries and Bare@Rose ... Ocean Side ..

Now this is a fun Blog .. Breezy is thrilled to share  Both
LostAngel Industries  
Latest .. Just one of the Many creative Props and Pose
In the All New
Introduction of  "W A T E R", the second element.
Breezy is wearing  From Bare@Rose
The New Summer Saet @ Barerose Tokyo
LostAngel Industries
T H E   E N C H A N T I N G   S I R E N
Special Price : L$1!
Prop multipose with 3 female solo poses
Sit on the prop
Change pose using the menu.
To adjust pose type 1/a in chat and follow instructions.
LostAngel Industries
T H E   M E R M A I D   R O C K S
10 Seductive solo Female Poses in this prop Multipose,
menu commanded and adjustable, copy/mod.
Just  Sit on the prop
Change pose using the menu.
From Bare@Rose ❤Sarong❤
New casual women's outfit is just perfect for the summer season.
Includes 3 different colors and each color has 2 different versions -
Skirt style and halter style.
You also get body jewelry set (armbands, ankle bands + bracelets) and sculpted hair flower !
Ladies don't miss these Stunning Collections 
Bare@Rose all new Sarong Ensemble
LostAngel Industries  all new M E R M A I D R O C K S
Pose and Props from LostAngel's "W A T E R", the second element.
Enjoy your fashion statements .. Have fun with Your Role Plays
Enjoy these fun creative beautiful creations ..
Save the Drama and Beauty for your Second Life ensembles and poses
with the very best of 
LostAngel Industries
Endless Poses and Props .. Endless Designs
all available in world  and some on Market Place .
The two separate Powerhouses specialize in
The Creative that brings out your own inner  grid Beauty ..
LostAngel Industries
Bare@Rose Designs
The looks are as Always endless with Bare@Rose ..
The Poses and Props are as always Just Spectacular from
LostAngel Industries
Two great Houses  waiting for YOU ..
Visit them soon .
LostAngel Industries
A special version of the Mermaid Rocks prop,
with DIFFERENT poses - this it's a Multisitter,
  can be used by one, two three or for avies at the same time
 (solo pose, couple pose, group pose).

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