Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day with Agnes Finney's RFL design:Angel of Hope

This is a first for Breezy ... It is a Pleasure to share
Agnes Finney's RFL design:Angel of Hope

Feather symbolizes hope. There is always a new life ahead. Light as a feather, this lovely gown, Angel of Hope, sends whisps of hope to all who see it especially the lady wearing the beautiful creation by Agnes Finney.
Support the COUTURE OF HOPE, Relay For Life 2011 organized by AVENUE of Life.
Angel of Hope gown will be sold at AVENUE at GOL from 1-31 May.
A couture show will be organized on Sunday, May 1st 2011 at 12noon SLT

Every Gown has a story .. Each Design speaks to it creator Long before any of we the audience
even get a glimpse .. One can only Imagine what these
 Beautiful feathers and lace whispered to Miss Agnes,
as  she worked ((and perhaps Played with love ))with each.

The ornate  flow and details to The Angel of Hope Gown are not only Elegant ,
but are true and rare artistic touches .. Be it for a night out of Ball room dancing .
A Holiday Get together , A role Play statement .. The Gown is not only timeless ,
It is Breath taking Beauty to behold !
Perhaps Breezy could blog with simply one to three photos  and list  who she
 uses in each  blog ..smiles .. but that is not Breezy's Style ..
This  Entire Blog really is a Daily endever and Passion of Breezy's
much like many other .. fashion bloggers out there .
 When a designer gifts to her their Very own creations,
they deserve Breezy's  time and thought in a detailed presentation.
Please understand ..
If  an item is purchased and not  mentioned,
It is because .. It is Breezy's Gift to do so .

Agnes Finney owner of My Precious,is not new to the Grid by any means.
"My Precious has been established since 2007. I strive hard to offer high quality fashion that conveys the essence of elegance, glamour and playfulness. Everything in the store ranging from casuals to ball gowns illustrates my passion for beauty and creativeness in this wonderful virtual world. I hope that ladies enjoy expressing herself with our dresses."

Agnes Finney

The Lace detail and cut are most striking ..
The gown looks amazing from any angle, Hence the photos
to reveal this .. The Stories are endless and the Gown is has so very many meanings to it .
The fact it being sold to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life  is just Spectacular ..
Don't miss a chance to own this this Beautiful Creative .

Be it a quiet embrace , a lovely waltz The Angel of Hope gown by Agnes Finney
 shall take you there with ease and beauty ...

*grins*  Please note  the details and placement of each feather .. The Angel of Hope Gown
is with out a doubt a Show Stoper !

And they Lived Happily Ever After .. .........
For More Information on Angel of Hope
My Precious Designs and
Relay For Life 2011 organized by AVENUE of Life.
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