Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Ruby From Curious Seamstress ..... shown with Shark Bait ! .. grins

Meet Ruby From GWD  Curious Seamstress
What a fun vintage 1930s swim suit this is ..
Lady Kembri Tomsen has loads of fun with this one ..
Oh Yes  there are perks included .. now now ..
Darling sunglasses and  adorable peep shoes ..
Breezy didn't want to get sand in the shoes ..
but stay tuned for the darling  shades .. below
Breezy sure does make some tasty looking Shark Bait in this sweet number
Ruby vintage swim suit from Curious Seamstress  Ruby is based on a Jantzen knit wool suit.
*smiles*  That's right ladies Jantzen is still around ..  whispers  dries a whole lot faster today too !
As Breezy relaxes and floats about ..
With The Help of Both This darling Ruby Suit
and some fun props and animations ...
What did breezy tell ya .... How cute are the sun glasses !!!!
Leave it to Kem to find us all authentic  1926 (Boardwalk) 
Foster Grant Sunglasses to wear on The Grid   !!!!
The fun is in the Sun and The Water ...
Wearing some darling Vintage, Swim wear
From Curious Seamstress
The Poses and Props used in this Blog are from
Are from the Amazing and Outstanding World of
Shark Bait
Three pose props make up this adorably sexy set! 19 poses in all these are a must have!!
Ruby From Curious Seamstress
In world and on Market Place ..
whispers I think we shall all make it through May 21st ..
so grab Ruby today .. wink...
                                 Virtual Props & Poses                                    
                                                                          Shark Bait!


RF said...

Oh, you are a quite a doll with a nice set of gams *grins*!

Breezy Carver said...

blushes and grins .. why Thank YOU .. My Dearest Good Doctor !!