Friday, June 3, 2011

Agnes Finney of My Precious_Diantha

Greetings well June has bloomed beautifully in Real Life .
I did smile when I saw the name of This Lovely Agnes Finney Gown
Derived from the name of the flower dianthus,
which is from the Greek elements dios "divine" and anthos "a flower"
Impressive Name for a Stunning Gown
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The Lace  cut out work on this Agnes Finney Gown is Impeccable .
With detail to a Prim  wrap  That brings out the Drama around the face and neck .
Brilliant Really ..
That indeed gives a regal feel !
The Beauty of the Diantha Satin  Gown flows and sparkles in Beauty .
Textures and design to turn heads every time
You are wearing Diantha, an Agnes Finney Gown of My Precious Designs.
Strike a pose and be That Lady .. Visit The world of Agnes Finney Today ...

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