Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BlakOpal Designs Presents~Hyperion Airship Ladies and Mens Outfits 

On Occasions, The Good Dr Fabre, Master Voyager , does bring his Seabreeze , on journey .
This was one of those Special times *smiles* .. Our Attire , Of course Nothing but the very best
Blakopal Designs latest Release for both Ladies and Gentlemen
Hyperion Airship Outfit In Rust

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BlakOpal Designs Present
Hyperion Airship Ladies and Men's Outfits 
This airship pilot's outfit is fashioned out of textured wool that has a bit of wear. The jacket and pants are trimmed out in aged leather with brass buttons and buckles. The jacket has a sculpted standing collar and knee-length coattails. There's a handy utility belt around the waist. The tab-collar shirt has a pleated front, and is worn with a knit wool scarf tied around the neck. The pants have button front, and straps around the thighs. The outfit is finished off with two sets of goggles, one worn on the forehead, and one worn over the eyes.
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Each Collection in Both Ladies and Men
Come with the finest textures, designed with the utmost in thought and clever Accessories ((as always)).
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Take Note to the worn Leather trim .. The brilliant worn wool and the beauty of the detail to buttons !
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A nothing quite say Steamy then an airship Ride with The Good Doctor ..
Wearing  Blakopal Designs ..
Grab yourself some today
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RF said...

Yet another outstanding shoot, Breezy! :)