Sunday, June 12, 2011

LeLukta Summer 2011 A Safari with A Dash of Steampunk..........

Greetings all ..
LeLukta Summer 2011
"Whether cruising along the nile, on an African safari. Or simply promenading along the coast of your favourite seaside location, the new clothing release by LeLutka will have you more than covered. This collection is an array of seperates that can be mixed and matched to your hearts content. Many of the items are sculpted in full, so alpha layers have been provided to make the fit easier for you."
humm personal note : maybe Miss Kimka Ying's Ducky Blunderbuss Gun
Not the way to go on this trip .. No Worries I have just the thing
*grins* read on ...
LeLutka Summer 2011
"You will need to be using a viewer that has alpha layer options, and we have also provided the alpha maps for each item so that you can modify and combine your outfits using only one layer option. Please be sure to make a copy of the original alpha layer first."
Let me start with out a doubt the Star of the entire collection ..
[LeLutka]-SAFARI hat
Better known as a pith helmet this hat is true to its Safari style origins,
 fits neatly over straight or tied back hair.
Breezy is also wearing
[LeLutka]-SERIOUS shirt snow
 [LeLutka]-TRIUMPH skirt Light
[LeLutka]-MY WAY jacket  Light

Hair LeLutka - Sue
Skin LeLutka
Bold Textures Powerful Designs  That is LuLutka !
ah a Moment for the dash of Steam :Miss Kimika Ying Mark XXI Raygun of course
notices how well it compliments LeLutka Summer Ensembles
Woops  seems My Brand New
Kimika Ying Mark XXI Raygun
fired a few times .. blushes
Gosh this gun is awesome and Fun !! 
Sold In New Babbage @ Miss Yang Shop.
Attire from Lelutka and Jungle Unharmed .. honest !
Next a Stop at the local Market Place in this darling
[LeLutka]-JUMP suit  in tan ..
along with the ever Popular [LeLutka Safari Helmet]
Weeeeee  What Fun Wearing My New LeLutka Jump Suit
On Kimka Ying's Babbage UniBike
Available on Market Place
The Babbage UniBike is
A Steampunk style motorized unicycle in three different metal texture styles with high and low gears.
A free demo version is available at the in world location.
Notice How Perfect the Attire with LeLutka Jump Suit ..
See ya next  time .. off  Breezy goes ..  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  .
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