Sunday, June 19, 2011

@ LeLukta The Sun is SHinning !!!

 The House of LeLutka has a great deal going on ..
Just released Part two of their Summer Collection ..
Breezy is  still on  Part one .. with a dash of the Past LeLutka ..
These sunglasses  .. What Fun !!
The Vanity Navy Jacket a true Favorite of Breezy's
The Skin .. LeLutka of course
 The Sailor Skirt in True .. Just loving it !!!
Breezy is also wearing Newly Release Serious Shirt in Snow ..
Ah the shoes  the shoes .. also New
The Mischa shoes are available in either solid or collage leather straps, and new to this release three sole options in light, medium or dark. That way you get more options in the one stylish shoe.

Breezy is wearing Cheery

Not so fast here .. *grins*
A bit more about these new LeLutka Sandals ..The Mischa
Indeed they come with a Hud and Might breezy mention
what a joy and pleasure they are to Match !!!
Finally a Designer that makes a hud that Matches Breezy's
Skin with one "click baby" Oh yeah !

Well yes the Bag is LeLutka too !
it comes with the most clever Bag AO ..
This Crew thinks of it all !!

Confession Breezy is a Steampunk/Diesel Punk.. Fantasy Gal ..
But these LeLutka Designs are just so sweet
She has to take them on some adventures ..

A bit more on The Serious Shirt .. Please not the Time given to Detail..
The Collar and Buttons .. The slight Wrinkles
Just as Breezy dresses and wears in Real Life on this one !!
Although I admit I want this Jacket in real  life  !!
The Sailor Skirt is sweet and quite clever ..

Ah a sweet sail .. for a quiet perfect  second Life Day ..
Yep this SeaBreeze, be In the sunshine with a clear Blue Sky ..
wear your fantasies .. enjoy this spectacular Design House
on this Amazing Grid !!! 
Visit LeLutka today ...

The Song an Oldie but goodie .. with a Mean Brass Section ...
Breezy Loves a good Brass Section
Nice and Tight !!! 
Please Do Visit  The Design House of  LELUTKA today ..
a Well Oiled Creative Team bringing YOU the very Best on the Grid .
From Head to Toe ,You Know ...It's got be LeLutka !!
Looks up and smiles at the nice "Slug" line .

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