Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[sYs] LADY - avant garde outfit (blue)

Please forgive Breezy she is running a wee behind ..
New From SYS  this darling number ...
What fun to  blog , wear and share !!! 
[sYs] LADY - avant garde outfit (blue)
Exclusive Creation for Chic Limited Birthday 2011

Now extended Shades Available
Component parts :
- Jacket upper
- Jacket lower
Sculpted Attachments :
- Skirt
- Skirt & Lace
- Collar
- Epaulette (right & left)
- Cuff (right & left)
All parts are copy, no modify, no transfer
All Sculpted Attachments can be re sized with [sYs] HUD
on Market Place
In World

The Looks .. Sleek, Hot and Beautiful .. It is From SYS .. of Course !

Wear The Look and Enjoy The Style .
Always Original ;Always ...High Fashion .
SYS always is Unique

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