Monday, June 13, 2011

Vita's Boudoir Barbie's Revenge

Vita's Boudoir Presents 
 Barbie's Revenge
By Miss Vitabela
What an Extremely Creative Gal
In all worlds !!!
This Lovely Creator and her team are the real deal ..
Breezy has admired their work from a far for a while now
and finally has the courage to wear and blog it ..
Indeed .. Sometimes folks just forget ,We all can have a look and feel a wee bit extra special  
on this grid thanks to some of these over the top
Marvelous creative Designers ..
When Breezy saw this Dress she took a double take
to how beautiful it really is .. The color .. The ebb and flow to the entire design ..
But when she saw the name She truly smiled ..
Vita's Boudoir Presents
Barbie's Revenge
From head to toe Breezy is wearing designs from Vitabela Dubrovna
Starting with the dreamy hair ..((Barbie never got locks as cool these ))
No Malibu Beach House for This Barbie .. 
This Stunning Dress named Barbie's Revenge is not only Bright, Beautiful and Saucy..
It flows and moves with sheer ease with TheVitabela Dubrovna, very own Most Vivid Textured Pink Satin !
To complete the Look ..BOUDOIR ROMANTIC SHOES by Vita's Boudoir   on breezy's feet ..
just perfect for style and twirls
on market place @
in world @
Nice to know so many of "we" think of the grid as power (to the say 100th power))3d barbies ..
Barbie's Revenge Now available @ Vita's Boudoir
In World .. Stop by soon You will so glad you did ...

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