Sunday, July 31, 2011

Donna Flora Presents Perla *midi* Caught In The Rain

 Indeed *Perla midi* From Donna Flora is a Delight !!!
The textures .. the prim work and Ah The Hat are Just brilliant Work !
 Donna Flora Has made quite the name for herself In both Vintage Couture and Jewelry
The  *Perla midi*Ensemble will not disappoint !!
There is even has a sister ensemble *Perla long*
But that is for another Post ..
To Breezy the The Three *S's* come to mind ...
Sleek , Stunning and Swank in Vintage Couture .. That is the signature of Donna Flora ..
Props and Poses Used in This Blog
are from The Spectacular  Virtual Props and Poses Creative ..
To Breezy, second life is a world  full of remarkable creative ..
This Blog is a testament and tribute to  Just Some of the creative ,
a place where she has some fun more no less ..
She will never be "The  Grand Star" or " Big Winner" But,
She still is special and this is where she plays no more no less ..

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