Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Precious by Agnes Finney Presents Teresa !!!

Pardon my delay here .. Breezy has been quite busy with RFL of second Life
 laced with summer..real life hectic days .. smiles ..
But  we are back and  back Indeed with  this Stunning gown My Agnes Finney
Meet  Teresa ..    lace and chiffon .. sheer and  beautiful .. a few adjectives that come to mind with Teresa
See and Purchase this show  stopper today
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It is a privilege and honor to  share these beautiful gowns from  Agnes Finney each one has their very own story..  They are each waiting to be purchased and worn to  help to create your very own :)
"Every woman should own a remarkable gown. Teresa is one of the gowns which every girl dream of owning. Soft, romantically moving and detailed. At the top of the layered lace skirt, there are beautiful white lilies. Eye-catching yet pure. It is a great choice for a dance with him. It is also ideal for any styling events."
Agnes Finney
My Precious by Agnes Finney
Kiss me and Kill me with Love, With your kind of Love .. In Teresa...
Deligate and Devinne in Teresa from Agnes Finney on sale now
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