Friday, July 29, 2011

N1CO [YAFL] - 7 Deadly Sins - Sloth

 Breezy is just so Impressed with this Latest Release From N1CO ..
The only thing she added was blond Hair from Vanity Hair .. and earrings and bracelet from Finesmith .
This is indeed the first in a series - 7 Deadly Sins  from N1CO ..  Meet Sloth !!
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 Beautiful sexy white sequin / diamonds dress(gown), in avantgarde style, the first from the 7 Deadly Sins collection from N1CO - [YAFL]
The wonderfull flexi skirt with high detailed worked prims, match perfect with the collar, sorrounded from small stars , sculped hair wich is also included and the extravagant metallic eyelashes.
The package include also the make up you see in pics, with and without hair base.
High quality textures with * shine effekt * ( few small animated stars textures included) and very detailed design.See pics for more details.
The sculpted prims ( attachments) have resizer scripts in it, those can be deleted ( from menu) after u fixed them. ( make sure u make before a copy of the item in your inventory)
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 Noreia Owen of N1CO has really out done herself with this Beautiful Ensemble ..
To be honest all her latest creative is Hot Hot Hot  Creative Style !!!
Smiles .. As the heat grows outside for some of us .. It is nice to see some designers
take it to the own designs !! ..Bravo  Noreia !
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The shine and sequins on the gown are beautiful .. The photos can only show so much ..
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