Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Hit from Blacklace Pink XOXO ..

How adorable is this LOW set from Blacklace?
You get it all in XOXO; all pink and girly and feminine, then toss in smexy and hot and it’s all covered. Well, actually not everything is covered, but it’s all good because then the imagination wanders…*winks*.

XOXO includes a pink silk slip top, pink silk panties, pink silk stockings and gloves all trimmed in black lace for for one titillating combination! Also included is a fluffy black lace skirt and trim along the top.

Blacklace knows you want lots of hugs and kisses, so just grab a taxi to Blacklace for XOXO and next thing you know, you’ll be getting all the hugs you want and kisses here and there..and there...
Please Don't Miss this amazing  "Low" Offer from Black Lace It's waiting for YOU !!!
For only for a short while .. A new Low comes out Friday ..

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