Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Secret Dreams with Hope ....

A Brief Journey here .. Just a glance into..  The Mind and The imagination of a SeaBreeze.
A Visionary .. Who's enjoyment is simply putting in the heart and passion in the backgrounds
To See it all Come to Life .. Perhaps a Dancing  Queen of Original Quests in All Worlds
Dreading Conflicts, Embracing Challenges, Simply Winning Hearts Minds and Souls
one at a time  .. No more No Less ..
Think its a cake walk ???
Good  then she is once again convinced she is on the right track .
Breezy is wearing  One of Amazing Latest Released Jewels By
Donna Flora
Ah The Gown .. Breezy has on ..
Not New to the grid ..
From Miamai Haute Couture
A sophisticaded dress, extremely sensual and feminine, with a V opening in the back and a long, flexy, precious and rich siren gown.Made of velvet, sequin and lace, luscious and glamorous.
The outfit includes the sequin sculpted shoulder decoration and the amazing sculpted hair.
Visit Miamai's Mainstore for more designs and gifts
or their Blog for latest releases
The Poses and Props By Virtual Props & Poses
The Back Drop .. More of New Babbage RFL 2011 Camp Site Build ..
Coming Soon ..  Till Then Happy Visions and Imaginations to all .. 

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