Monday, September 19, 2011

1890s Victorian ballgown, Annabelle From The Curious Seamstress

Breezy Just Love this Gown !!!
Thank YOU Dear Lady Kembri For sharing it with all ..((smiles))
Meet this stunning 1890s Victorian ballgown, Annabelle
From The Curious Seamstress
The original gown is in a private collection, and was once owned by Mrs. Julia Butterfield, who was the wife of General Daniel Butterfield, who worked for President Grant as his Treasury Secretary. Unfortunately, President Grant died in 1885, long before this gown was made. Mrs Butterfield was a wealthy woman who dressed according to her station in all the latest styles of the day. This gown is no exception
- "Lady Kembri Tomsen:"
The Curious Seamstress

full period Under garments included of Course .
Ladies to take note to the details and textures of this Beautiful Gown !
 The Curious Seamstress

Don't Miss the Spectacular Real Life Creative ..Rich in The Colors of Autumn so many of us Love .
The Beauty and Flow of The Gown is distinctive and Graceful !
 In World or On Market Place now
The Curious Seamstress

The Stunny Annabelle
Only From
The Curious Seamstress

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