Saturday, September 3, 2011

Avid's latest Release .. Whisper

This is The world of Avid
Avid a fine Design House **Celebrating 4 Yrs on The Grid**
of Goth/Classic/Neo Victorian/Steamy Steampunk kick
for  Ladies and Men Couture
A Sim with Beauty Touching and Passion
Indeed This a wee glimpse into the Vast and Spectacular World of Avid
 Breezy was touched with Avid's latest Release .. Whisper ..
Typical and complete as Avid always is ..
But she went to explore the Avid Sim .. She heard the Thunder ...
Soon She felt a rain .. A peaceful yet most Personal Passionate Rain ..
 Breezy was not alarmed in anyway . It was quite soothing  as If she was being transformed ..
Rather hard to explain in words .. It is more a feeling if you please ..
Indeed she was changing ..
Avid Skin and Tattoos smiles
Ah then More Thunder .. smiles and others tped in ..
smiles  slowly  Breezy went back .. to being herself ..
Note Whisper with Avid Rose Tattoos
Whisper Waiting for You at Avid .....
(ăv'ĭd) adj.
Having an ardent desire or unbounded craving; greedy: avid for adventure.
Marked by keen interest and enthusiasm

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