Thursday, September 29, 2011

BlakOpal's Design -Orchestra Gown - Mesh -

Anyone who knows Breezy knows she shuddered @ V2 .. *grins*
But V3 well now ya Talking . She can hang with the "Cool Kids" get what I am saying ?
As long as she doesn't Crash .. Can Move .. and Do her blogging
She be Right there  ,front row ,Center, and learning slowly (heh) ..
Special Thanks and Congrats to Opal and Trilo
For this Fabulous New Release .. It is Spectacular !!
Behold BlackOpal's Designs Orchestra Gown in Blue
Now in World and On Market Place
Great Job My Friends !!!
BlakOpal's Design -Orchestra Gown - Blue
BlakOpal's Design -Orchestra Gown - Blue
A sexy, strappy, low-cut gown. Flowing gathers of satin brocade and gold orchids adorn this lovely gown. The bodice is semi-sheer with metallic flowers,
cut low in the back with a cascade of satin ribbons.
BlakOpal's Design - Orchestra Gown - Blue
The skirts are contrasting layers of satin with a decorative gathered edge. Beautiful dimensional mesh orchids decorate the lower back and the fashionable hair comb.
BlakOpal's Design -Orchestra Gown - Blue
• Bodice
• Bodice bottom
• Stockings
• Skirt
• Mesh orchid back strap deco
• Mesh orchid skirt deco
• Mesh Orchid hair comb
BlakOpal's Design -Orchestra Gown - Blue
This outfit makes use of Mesh objects and Multi-Wearables in SL. Viewer 3.0 (or later) strongly recommended.
BlakOpal's Design -Orchestra Gown - Blue
This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose.
It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.


RF said...

Looks great on you Breezy!

Breezy Carver said...

*smiles* @ you .. Thank YOU Dear Rafael :)