Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let The Season Begin .. First A Look Into The World of Donna Flora

The World of Donna Flora  Full and Rich with Pure Vintage Couture ,
Stunning Jewels, and Beautiful Hair !!
Breezy opens with New From Donna Flora 
 MeryAn Ensemble and Donna Flora's Caramel Jewel Collection !!
Hair  Donna Flora
Next up (( Breezy Loves this gown.. mmm can you tell ?? ))
High above Seraph City Breezy wears Donna Flora Scarlet Gown
Amarcord Diamond Necklace and Donna Flora Hair .
Sleek Stunning Mysteriously Saucy .. That's the Look of Vintage Couture
The Look of Donna Flora ...
Dramatic and its all waiting for YOU @ Donna Flora
*Scarlet Midi* .. Hair and Jewels .. Yep you guessed it Donna Flora !!
Visit Donna Flora Today
Head Into the Jewelry Department take the Secret Door
But shhhhh .............Mummm The Word !!
Oh Yes Boardwalk Empire is Back for Season Two
Better Costumes More Stories Bolder Characters ...  and Its all Waiting for you ..
Boardwalk Empire Season Two Has Begun !!!


Chalice Carling said...

Absolutely beautiful. Aren't we so lucky to have Donna Flora in our SL? Love your looks.

Breezy Carver said...

aww hugss, Indeed We really are ... and thank you !!