Friday, September 2, 2011

Say Hello to GWD's Skipper on This Labor Day Weekend .. TWIRLSSS!

Goodbye to The Summer of 2011 .. Hello to Darling Skipper !! 
September October Perhaps Breezy's favorite Months of the Year .
When a Look like Curious Seamstress's real Life creative 1920's
Day Dress Skipper is brought to the grid .. Happy fun times indeed !
Skipper a 1920's complete Day Dress ensemble
From GWD's Curious Seamstress ..
Run do not walk to get this darling couture !!!
complete under garments with two choices of hoses ..
and if that was not enough  Lady Kembri Tomsen includes shoes and not one but two Hats !!
Breezy's hair is from .. Diva Hair ..  Love it !!!
Perhaps the end of USA summer in one life alas In this Life
grins wear all the white one wishes !!
twirls In GWD's Skipper ...
Ah the music .. just some classic saucy mmm oh la la .. tunes .. :)
The back drop .. Breezy's Private Home on Second life .
Breezy just loves this Look .. Thank YOU my Dear Lady Kembri !!
How thoughtful You really are in each design .. Rush to grab this one Ladies !!
Skipper is look from a time when things were not easy .
Let's face it the good stuff seldom is easy ..
But in Skipper .. To quote my friend Pae .." Easy Breezy" .. Just happy days .
Endless happy day !!!
Have fun on The Grid .. It always Starts with You !!
A mindset if You Please .. Not here for the Drama .
Have a real life for that .. Heck just turn on the News !!

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