Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Classy 1920's Evening Dress from GWD .. Meet Mattie !

Lady Kembri Tomsen of Curious Seamstress Has Been Busy !!
Meet Mattie A 1920's Evening Dress !!
Now available In World and on Market Place ..
 This is one of those great 1920s dresses that's even more beautiful in person. The sheer black chiffon flows over turquoise silk and intricate bead work. It's an eye catching evening dress that can be worn with or without the system skirt, depending on how slinky you wish it to be.
An early evening stroll,  there is mystery in gardens during The October Air .
Grab Mattie today .. You shall be so glad You did !!!
The period undergarment in this case is a turquoise silk under slip and pants
 that are part of the original dress. Stockings included.
Jewels By Chop Zuey
In World or on Market Place

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