Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blacklace With LeLutka Make One Sweet Little Red Riding Hood !!!

This is one Special Little Red Riding Hood .. grins
Ever hear the story of Little Red Riding Hood?
So sweet and innocent she is, and the big bad wolf so evil and mean!
Well, in every story but the Blacklace version that is!
Seriously, in what version did Little Red Riding Hood
wear a cincher with no bra and white ruffled panties.
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 Lured to grandma’s house by the promises of what lay under the red cloak, and the goodies in the basket, the wolf might not stand a chance. You almost have to feel sorry for the him, left whimpering in response as her watched her running through dear grandma’s house, tossing back come hither looks as her red skirt bounced, giving him a generous peek of her….assets.
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 He must have been so confused, watching the soft rise and fall of her chest as she moved about the house hiding first in one spot and then another, daring him to come find her. Did he stand a chance as he hungered after shapely legs covered in white stockings with tiny lil bows?
Of course he didn’t!
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Breezy's  Hair Make up and Skin
always Best with
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Props and Poses by
Virtual Props
Tsk, time and again we blame the wolf, but ladies and gentleman, who is indeed the victim here?
Run to Blacklace for Little Red Riding Hood and decide for yourself!
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