Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Dark Aether _ The Machine _ Part One

October is such an ..enchanting time of year in New Babbage .

Now, not your run of the mill enchantments .. Ah no ,For these are the times for the Cobbles and Bricks .
It is if the cobble stones and bricks come alive . They begin to tell their stories .
The do hold many many tales ..
But one has to listen , One has to look over their shoulder .. It is quite personal you know ..
Breezy always feels a bit of extra excitement .. In October .. Alas it is a powerful endearing and at the same time uneasy feeling ..
Rather hard to put into mere words .. For it is of the mind and soul ..
The fog .. ah the mist , The silence of the alleys ..the echos of the foot steps , The folk lore and Babbage Urban Legends .......
This is their time .. It is if the Spirits come alive to call out their own right of passages.
Only In New Babbage . Indeed It is all quite haunting yet to someone from New Babbage it is an enchanting time of year !

Breezy missed the town hall meeting .. Sigh .. For she had business that kept her away .
She had just finished Reading Darling young Myrtil Igaly's Blog
Humph, she thought to herself .. That was all quite unsettling .. chills ..
Alas some .of said tales .. all true ?? Perhaps a bit added from the wild imagination of a brilliant little girl .. she smiled and thought to herself ..  Names Like Van Creed never made one feel shall we say warm and fuzzy all over .. Yes perhaps .. ahh .. then again perhaps not .. Myrtil Igaly Never told a lie .. tall stories indeed, but never lies . Breezy so adored Myrtil !
Breezy was tending to her Pumpkin seeds in the lovely Green House just to the Side of Piermont, when all of a sudden she looked up to notice ..
It couldn't be .. a Crater hole of sorts  in the garden with vapors ???.. What was  coming up .. ??
What The ...... ?  Being all alone , she remained calm and continued to watch .
Gasp @ The horrid sounds and then  Smells .. My Stars .. What on earth ????
In Moments .. A huge vessel of sorts had risen from the earth !!! 
With the it was if the skies had opened as well
Brave Breezy ventures out to check out  "The Machine" ..
The smells were Horrid .. The sounds Haunting !!
*Note ...(darling Umbrella )
and then Steady Thunder and rains with crashes of Lightning Had arrived ...
WhAT is IT ????????????
Stay tuned for more to come ..
The Dark Aether has Begun !!
Visit New Babbage today !! 

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