Monday, October 10, 2011

!dM deviousMind: "Honeytrap" or Your My Honey Bee Buzz Buzz !!!!

Breezy had a blast with this latest Release From
!dM deviousMind: "Honeytrap"
Burlesque Couture for Halloween
A word On this ensemble and designer from Breezy first ....*smiles*
Dame Chandra Meehan whom Breezy has had the delightful Pleasure to  have chatted and laughed with ..
is a Modest Creative Powerhouse ... She is what Breezy calls an Original who has not let the Game get to her !!  Love that !!
You see she has a system and it works !!!
She comes out with clever, original upbeat and beautiful Visions
 and brings them to Life on The Grid for .
With her team she continues to have fun and shares with us all !!
This is one a few Ladies that Breezy continues to thank for enjoying what she does !!
Her Designs, Her Friends .. Her co Creators . Her Sim all Just Fabulous  Still !!
Thank YOU Chandra !! 
Trends are Great and Breezy shall continue to visit from time to time ..
But this Blog is called "Virtually Classic" for a reason ..
Behold the latest Halloween Treat from Devious Mind
Honey trap !!!
Buzz Buzz Buzz  Stingers Included !!
Oh Yes !!
"Come get your honey..."
Burlesque Couture for Halloween
by !dM deviousMind
An all time classic for Halloween or Carnival is of course the bee costume with its wide range from hot to sweet. Our devious bee would of course wrap her body into those sexy stripes in latex form. With a lot of playfulness and let's not forget sting - so definitely go hot *winks*! Considering all that, it was easy to decide on "Honeytrap" as our 3rd costume release for Halloween 2011 - bee Burlesque!

This illustrated costume consists of a variety of different items and clothing layers, to allow for utmost flexibility when styling your avatar. The glossy latex corset comes with attachments for under bust ruffles and different options for a little ruffle skirt around its bottom seam. Combine it with tape x-pasties, or add a slightly sheer honeycomb latex top with 1/2 g sleeves and the matching honeycomb hotpants, garter and stockings. Or skip the corset completely and rather go with a little ruffle mini Skirt

Aside for many more bees to attach to chest, garter or buzzing around those frills, the set includes fingerless black gloves or striped arm wraps with matching ruffles at wrists and upper arms, and comes of course with all your standard bee parts: antennas, stinger and wings in different versions. To make it complete, the costume includes some honey pots with more bees as head dress, sculpted ankle boots with ruffles, straps and stripes, and a gorgeously sculpted latex posture collar.
Those attachments that may require resizing can be adjusted by touch through a re size & stretch menu. Please see included note card for detail

Rush to Grab this One Ladies.... Sure to be a Classic Indeed !!
Happy Buzzing ..  hehe !!

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